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The Original 'Body of Proof' Fan Community

Because we knew the show would get picked up...

The Original Body of Proof Fan Community
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                               Have a look around and join us. 


Hello everybody, and welcome to the first LiveJournal community for the new ABC show Body of Proof, starring Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan.

Of course, since this is a community with people from all over the place communicating with each other, there must be some rules, but most of them are really common sense, nevertheless...behold, the RULES:

Be nice! Everybody is entilted to their own opinion and you may disagree, of course, but keep it polite and respectful, no flames please.

No bashing of the actors and/or producers of the show. It will not be tolerated, ever.

If there is a big disagreement, please settle it over PM's or emails, don't spam the community with it. If it can't be solved contact one of us and we'll see what we can do.

LJ tags are our friends and they are there for a reason, please try to remember using them.

SPOILERS: PLEASE POST THEM UNDER A CUT AND WARN EVERYBODY THAT THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. People can get incredibly upset about spoilers when they're trying to avoid them, please don't spoil their fun


• No restrictions regarding rating.
• Make sure that the content rating (G, PG, PG13, R and NC-17) is clearly posted.
• Include the basic relevant details, at bare minimum: Title, Rating, Summary and Disclaimer.
Tag the post 'fanfiction' and your rating (i.e. “fic rating: pg”). It’ll help others to search for the stories.
• Place stories under a cut. If you don’t know how to do that, check the LJ’s FAQ.

Graphic Arts:

• Be kind to those who have dial-up; if you have a big piece of art you want to share, post smaller pictures with a link to the original.
• If you’re posting more than five (5) icons, please place the rest under a cut.
• Tag the post appropriately (i.e. “fan art: icons”, “fan art: banners” or “fan art: wallpapers”).

Affiliating/Promoting other communities:

We'd love to affiliate! Most likely anyway. Send us a message. You're welcome to promote a community that has some connection to Body of Proof, but please do so only once. We don't want to fill anyone's flist with repeated invites to a new community.


Please contact either kayryn or pancake_susi.

And remember the most important rule of all: Just ENJOY, have fun and lets all share the awesomeness of Body of Proof !

Thanks for reading :-)


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